Pilates Rockhampton Studio Reformer and Barre Classes

Our Classes

Private and Small Group
Studio Equipment Sessions

Private sessions are available by appointment and are highly beneficial before taking your first Group Reformer Session with Pilates Rockhampton. Private sessions are beneficial for people who may be returning from injury or feel they are needing a detailed body assessment and highly tailored advice and exercise routines. 2-on-1, 3-on-1 or small private groups are also available.

Group Reformer
Total Body Fitness

These sessions are highly addictive for the mind and body! Pilates Rockhampton’s fully equipped and spacious studio guarantees you receive the complete repertoire of Reformer exercises for a total body workout. Our Reformer classes run consistently and are the best value and most popular class. Enjoy the versatility of the spring based resistance exercises that can be done lying down, sitting, standing, pulling and pushing.

Group Reformer

Beginner group Reformer sessions are for new comers to Pilates or those who require low impact non-weight bearing exercises. All movements are done off the floor with the ability to customise resistance. These sessions focus on core strength, balance and flexibility whilst learning classic Reformer exercises. If you need an introduction to Pilates or need to move safely without putting pressure on joints these sessions are for you at any age.

Pregnancy Pilates

Safe exercises and stretches for expecting mothers performed on various pilates equipment.
Benefits include:

  • Improved circulation
  • Improved body awareness and mobility
  • Management of back and pelvis pain
  • Maintaining balance & upper body strength
  • Aiming to improve endurance in labour and fast recovery
Rebounding & Barre (RnB)

Fun and energetic Barre and Reformer Rebounding Pilates movements guaranteed to:

  • burn calories
  • strengthen and tone
  • get you fit and fabulous!

This group class is very low impact and very easy to follow. RnB is a great choice for first timers yet it still packs a punch and will improve general fitness, hip mobility, ankle mobility & leg definition. Best news is you can attend as a casual or this class can be included in your membership!

Mat Pilates

This class is filled with classic Mat Pilates exercises. Expectations should be similar to a general fitness class. For example, you need enough mobility to be able to lay on the floor and kneel as we move through a variation of stretch, core, postural and legs exercises. Detailed instruction is provided throughout to help you with your technique.

Please bring your own Pilates Mat or towel.

Group Reformer

Ultimate Reformer experience focusing on classic and contemporary Pilates strength, stretch and cardio. The hour long experience will leave you energised, lengthened and toned. Check out our themed sessions so we can focus on common body issues such as glute activation, core burners, building endurance and stamina, improving posture and balance and so much more! These classes fun filled and guarantee better technique and fast results.

Personal Training
at Studio, at Off Site Venue or Online

Receive personalised pilates exercises using studio equipment at 176 Main St OR with no equipment at all via Zoom or your Venue. Off Site Venues may be workplaces, sporting clubs, dance studios, schools, public events for small to large groups. Available Monday-Saturday.

Social Pilates (over 50s)

Social Pilates is a targeted group of mainly over 50s who are looking to improve their health and wellbeing with their peers. We perform safe movements that target core strength, functional mobility and balance. All movements are performed without putting direct weight load on your joints (no kneeling as an example). The class is welcoming and set at a pace that is suited to the small group.