Pilates Rockhampton Studio Reformer and Barre Classes

How long does it take to see results?

Frequency of attendance is determined by you. Your instructor can recommend how many times you should attend a week after discussing your goals, understanding your other fitness activities and doing a body assessment during your Private session.

If you are attending Group Reformer Fitness classes (Total Body Fitness, Rebounding & Barre and/or Masterclass) 3 or more times a week you will see classic Pilates benefits within weeks. Weight loss & body toning are common with those that have this goal in mind as their overall lifestyle choices are also aligned. Luckily you do not require rest days when exercising with the low impact resistance of the Reformers. In fact, the consistency of the total body workouts are what helps to achieve the results. At Pilates Rockhampton, exercises are not standardised and will not be repeated the next day to ensure different muscle groups are engaged throughout your total body workouts.

At its core, Pilates Rockhampton wants to give you a true Pilates experience that delivers results. Some people choose to combine Group Classes with Private Training. When attending Private sessions, your program is completely tailored to your abilities, your goals, and your lifestyle. Athletes of all ages and sporting backgrounds have had great success when incorporating Reformer Pilates into their fitness regime. Equally, clients have had significant mobility and strength improvements when using Reformer Pilates Private Sessions as part of their rehabilitation program. Any age and ability can see results with consistency!