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10 Benefits of Doing Pilates While You’re Pregnant

Come and enjoy the tailored exercise program from Pilates Rockhampton while you’re pregnant. Not only does it make you feel good and aim to improve your post-natal recovery, there is an increasing amount of research that shows a considerable positive effect on both yours and your baby’s long-term health. We’ve summarised the top 10 benefits of doing Pilates while you’re pregnant.

1. Strengthen glutes and stabilising muscles

As relaxin hormones are released during pregnancy, the ligaments and muscles surrounding your joints become more flexible. Commonly, this means women experience pelvic pain and lower back pain during pregnancy. Strengthening your pelvic floor and gluteus medius through tailored Pilates exercises can help combat this pain.

2. Reduces back pain

Pilates helps to give you better awareness of your posture, and your changing centre of gravity as the baby grows. This awareness and strengthening work helps to decrease pain in your back and maintain your mobility.

3. Strengthen pelvic floor

The weight of your baby plus the hormonal changes can weaken your pelvic floor muscles. Pilates can help to strengthen this hammock of muscle that sits under the pelvis to support your bladder and bowel and reduce the risk of incontinence that could develop during or after your pregnancy.
This exercise is done while holding the pelvic floor to keep in strong.

4. Controlled breathing

Breathing is a key focus in all Pilates classes, and is especially useful for pregnant women to learn, as good air exchange is important for mother and bub. Practising controlled breathing is also beneficial for labour. Stiffness in your upper back and rib cage region can restrict deep breaths, so exercises that focus on flexibility, lat and oblique muscle expansion and contraction can help.

5. Improve balance

Pregnancy Pilates exercise programs should always focus on improving and maintaining balance as your centre of gravity changes. Single sided exercises are key.

6. integration of movements breathing and postures throughout your daily routine.

It is common to integrate Pilates movements, stretches and breathing into your daily routine.

7. Maintain wellbeing

It is normal to gain weight throughout the pregnancy, however studies suggest gentle exercise is good for both mother and bub. If genstational diabetes, energy levels or circulation issues are a concern, Pilates can help.

8. Strengthen legs

During pregnancy some women experience fluid retention, leg cramps and may develop varicose veins. Strengthening leg exercises can help to reduce the risk of these side effects.

9. Relaxation

Taking some time for yourself during your pregnancy is priceless. Pilates gives you an opportunity to switch off from work and day-to-day stresses and let the mind slow down while reflecting on the physiological changes in your body.

10. Assist with post-natal recovery

More and more evidence suggest Pilates through Pregnancy will help with the stamina needed for labour and your recovery and ability to resume into general activities and exercises post delivery.

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