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Break Out of your Fitness Funk with Personalised Pilates Classes

Are you going through the motions in your current exercise routine? When performing the same exercises, you can improve your results by approximately 75% by receiving personalised attention and support. The personalised attention and targeting training you receive at Pilates Rockhampton will help you break through your fitness plateau and achieve your goals.

Personalised Pilates Classes are unique, as they target muscles you were not even aware of, while receiving great variety of exercises, motivation and monitoring of technique so you get the most from your workout without additional risk of injury.

If you ‘exercise regularly but can’t loose that belly bulge’ or ‘want to loose that last 5 kgs’ – Personalised Pilates Classes will give you the edge. Get results faster by trying the combination of resistance weight training and cardio in the Pilates Rockhampton group and one-on-one classes. Come and see the difference for yourself!

Real Pilates, Real Results!
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