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Build Fat Burning Muscle with Pilates

One of the many benefits of Pilates is that you develop more lean muscle mass and ultimately less fat. Mat Pilates utilises your bodyweight or small equipment such as bands and magic circles to tone muscle, whereas Pilates Reformers incorporate actual weight training with springs to drastically build and tone all your muscles. At Pilates Rockhampton, resistance based exercises can be tailored to your strength and ability on the Universal Pilates Reformer.

Your muscle to fat ratio will improve while you flatten your abs, strengthen your back, tone your buttock and thighs while ensuring no jarring or strain on your joints. Contradictory to common belief, you will burn calories during the workout and at rest by the virtue of having added lean muscle to your body. There is so much to gain through Pilates Mat and Reformer training!

Real Pilates, Real Results!
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