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Do your feet cramp during Pilates?

Foot cramps can be common when starting Pilates and it is obviously very distracting when trying to practice the movements in the workouts. There are multiple reasons why foot cramps could occur so here are the top Pilates Rockhampton Tips to prevent and relieve foot cramps during Pilates.

#1 Warm up your feet…massage, roll, flex and point your feet and ankles. This is especially helpful when you are about to begin a class after being on your feet all day or perhaps been in high heels all day.

#2 Relax your feet… Do not intentionally flex or point your feet unless directed for a specific Pilates movement. Most exercises can be done effectively with relaxed feet.

#3 Consider what your body needs… potassium or magnesium deficiencies or dehydration could lead to cramps. Simply drinking more water or adding potassium rich foods into your diet may help.

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