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Is Pilates an effective workout?

One may think Pilates is a new and trendy exercise to try, but the fact is, the Pilates Method has been around since the 1920’s. The low-impact exercises developed by Joseph Pilates combine core stabilisation, strength, flexibility, balance and proper alignment with concepts like mindfulness, breathing techniques and fluidity of movement. There are hundreds of combinations of exercises to burn, lengthen and tone your muscles and movements require precision and control. Therefore, if able, it is ideal to receive in-studio, instructor-led classes that enable movements to be tailored to your needs. At Pilates Rockhampton, our experienced and qualified instructors will be able to help any ‘body’ regardless of age and injuries. Pilates Rockhampton can help anyone look, feel and move better.

Reformers are a unique piece of equipment that provides incredible variety for a full-body workout. Within minutes of starting a Total Body Fitness class at Pilates Rockhampton, your core is activating and muscles you didn’t realise you had, are burning. The spring-based resistance and various in-studio props create opportunities to use opposing muscle groups in a uniquely structured way that improves muscle recruitment and strength. As an example, a bicep and tricep can be used within one exercise. What makes the Reformer workout so efficient and effective, is the emphasis on the eccentric contraction of the movements. During a controlled eccentric contraction, the muscle gets longer while it contracts, causing the muscle to work harder, and gain more flexibility and more tone. It is a feeling like no other!

Pilates Rockhampton offers a complete variety of classes. If strength, muscle tone, cardio health and dynamic mobility are the priority for your workouts, try our fitness classes which include, Total Body Fitness, Rebounding & Barre & Masterclass. Likewise, if gentle resistance exercises that will effectively improve your core, balance, posture and strength are a priority; try our Private sessions, Beginner Group Reformer or Fusion Stretch & Burn classes.

Real Pilates, Real Results!
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