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Pilates and Recovery

In general, the low impact resistance offered through Pilates makes it an ideal exercise to do as regularly as you want. The key is to understand your body, your fitness level and what your body needs to recuperate.

In gyms or high intensity environments it is common for rest days to be vigilantly promoted due to the ease for people to over train whether it be lifting weights or running long distances too frequently.

Pilates is strength training and a vigorous Pilates workout breaks down muscle, which is how muscle fibres strengthen. But unlike high intensity strength training, Pilates Rockhampton focuses on movement with functional alignment, coordinating the recruitment of muscle groups in a particular order. For example, if you were sitting on chair and lifted a foot, the first muscle to activate should be the hip flexors. However, our larger muscles often dominate and take over the movement. Each and every Pilates Rockhampton class is different; ensuring to provide a different combination of balanced movements including flexion, extension and rotation of muscle groups while consistently activating deeper stabilising muscles.

Studies are now suggesting that recovery can be managed differently and Pilates has become an accepted method of recovery training. In fact, the uniquely low impact activity will actually help you recover faster than complete inactivity.

To break it down even further, find your balance. Your ability to frequently perform Pilates workouts will change as your fitness and endurance levels improve. If you’re a little sore (muscle sore), be assured that there will be different exercises to focus on in your next Pilates session (whether it be reformer or mat). If you’re really sore (muscle sore), it’s ok to wait a lesson or two before returning but keep moving (even walking or stretching will do wonders for the circulation and recovery)! Alternatively if you take too long of a break, your endurance and fitness may plateau and it will be likely you will be a sore again at your next class.

If you want to find your perfect Pilates Rockhampton balance, please discuss your best options and class combinations with us today: contact@pilatesrockhampton.com.au.

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