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Pilates vs Yoga

Yoga and Pilates are often bundled together and Pilates Rockhampton is breaking down the difference to help you make an informed choice about what is right for you.

Yoga is ancient in its origins opposed to Pilates, which was developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates as a rehabilitation and strengthening discipline.
Yoga incorporates Hindu spiritual disciplines that focus on breath control, meditation, static poses and flowing movement sequences widely practiced for relaxation.

Pilates is about putting yourself in dynamic postures, with greater instability and adjusting these postures to challenge your body. The movements require activation of stabilising muscles (multifidous, transverse abdominals, pelvic floor), with emphasis on starting each exercise with a controlled breath that initiates a contraction of the core muscles. Pilates is more equipment based than Yoga, and as such is seen to focus on strength , resistance and cardiovascular health.

Benefits of Pilates include:
• Long lean and toned muscles
• Improved core strength
• Increased muscle strength and endurance
• Improved fitness
• Improved flexibility and posture
• Functional mobility
• Improved balance
• Decreased joint and muscle pain
• Great for pregnancy and post-natal
• Improved brain stimulation
• Improved cardiovascular health

Benefits of Yoga include:
• Relaxation
• Improved fitness
• Improved core strength
• Improved strength and flexibility
• Improved mental health: positive thinking and meditation
• Great for pregnancy and post-natal
• Improved spiritual connection with body

Yoga is a renowned antidote for stress and more spiritual. Pilates is renowned for helping the body work better and improving functional mobility. Both challenge the mind body connection using the breath. Both are obviously never going out of fashion. Both are effective, however, it is worth considering what results you want from the exercise and what method you may respond to most.

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