Pilates Rockhampton Studio Reformer and Barre Classes

Real Pilates for Real Results

If you’re wondering how long it takes to see results from Pilates, Pilates Rockhampton is here to help. We aim to deliver a true Pilates experience that delivers results. We offer Private sessions that are tailored to your abilities, and goals, and complement your other activities. After a body assessment, we recommend how many classes you should attend each week to achieve your desired results. Pilates Rockhampton has helped athletes of all ages and sporting backgrounds achieve great success in their fitness regime. We have also seen progress and symptom mitigation in complex clients with chronic pain or fibromyalgia.

For those who prefer Group classes, the frequency of attendance is entirely up to you. The key to your success lies in receiving professional instruction from Pilates Rockhampton. We will explain every exercise, customise resistance and modifications for you, and design workouts to push you within your capabilities. If you attend Pilates classes three or more times a week, you can expect to see classic Pilates benefits within weeks. Those who have weight loss and body toning goals will find that their overall lifestyle choices will be aligned, leading to positive results. The anti-gravity effect of the Reformer means that you do not need rest days as the movements are low impact on your joints. At Pilates Rockhampton, we ensure that exercises are not repeated the next day so that different muscle groups are recruited while still providing a total body workout.

Real Pilates, Real Results!
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