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Straighten Up and Improve Your Posture

Say goodbye to back, shoulder and neck pain with the help of Pilates Rockhampton. Pilates targets muscles that support the trunk of your body including the transverse abdominus (the deep tummy one), multifidus (the deep back one) and the pelvic floor (the underneath one).

Good posture is when all the weight bearing joints such as your spine and pelvis are correctly aligned. As Pilates increases your body movement awareness and strength of deep stabilising muscles, you are able to support these weight bearing joints better in their upright position.

Pilates helps to defy what gravity and fatigue often encourage – chin out and shoulders forward. These poor postural positions commonly cause back, shoulder and neck tension.

Pilates exercises have been shown to promote changes in habitual posture by enhancing spinal, scapular and joint flexibility and strengthening shoulder, lower back and abdominal muscles. Pilates will reinforce efficient movement patterns and strengthen your entire body, specifically core stabilisation, so good posture can be improved and maintained.

So STRAIGHTEN UP and incorporate ongoing Pilates in your exercises routine so that you can carry good posture and healthy movement patterns throughout your life.

Real Pilates, Real Results!
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